I love art. I love books. Those two passions have defined my life experiences and career as a successful book artist for nearly forty years, working primarily in digital formats for the last twenty-five.

My life and art career changed forever on November 22, 1989, simply getting into a car for a Thanksgiving holiday. For the next six years, I spent most of my days flat on my back in severe chronic unrelenting pain. 

When my physical abilities no longer allowed me to create the art I knew, the “Eternal Network” became my adopted cultural family. Mail art is inclusive and diverse. Anything I created was accepted. Mail art is empowering. My work continued to be exhibited and valued. Mail art is free, except for postage. Mail art is political. My righteous anger found focus. My various avatars allowed me to experiment with new artistic identities.  

I never would have chosen to become a digital artist. Computers were not being used to create art when I was in college. But, once I became disabled, my priorities and attitudes changed. I expected to be flat on my back for the rest of my life. The computer seemed my only choice for employment and the continuation of my art career. I was motivated, but transformation on many levels was required. 

Little did I realize that the new technologies would become the perfect tools for me to uniquely combine words and images. Though my condition and physical limitations remain to a degree, my once desperate choice has blossomed into a healing and invigorating artistic journey.