My unconventional artwork is inspired by banned 1950s comics. Why? Dr. Fredric Wertham, a leading New York psychologist, proclaimed that comics were largely responsible for juvenile delinquency according to his misleading "findings." He encouraged comic book burnings and a Senate investigation that eventually led to the collapse of a substantial segment of the multi-million dollar comic book industry. 

In December 2014, my wife, Charlotte Johnson, and I were selected for a prestigious art residency at the New Zealand Pacific Studio. While there, we created an installation of our work and ongoing research project, Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men (and Women)? I Do! I Do!, detailing the 1950s comic book burnings and its historical impact. 

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I joined the Supermen of America in 1958 and have done my best to pursue Truth, Justice and the American Way ever since. I was awarded the 1st "Marvelmaniac-of-the-Month" award in 1969 by Mark Evanier and a coveted "No-Prize" by Marvel's Stan Lee while attaining the hallowed rank of P.M.M., Permanent Marvelite Maximus. I taught manga at Technos University in Tokyo (Japan); illustration at the ISBK in Salzburg (Austria); bookmaking at Washington University’s Fine Arts Institute; and lectured on creating comics around the world. I studied with one of the leading political illustrators in Germany, Luis Murschetz, as well as current comic greats, Christopher Moeller, Scott McCloud and St. Louis’ own Matt Kindt.

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